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So I saw this in someones journal.. but unlike him I'm going to follow the directions because when I want to make things obvious to people I actually tell them. i.e., John, you're a hypocritical asshole sometimes :) I'll grow up when I'm ready. And I'm sure you'll do the same.

1_List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will
2_Don't say who they are.
3_Never discuss it again.

[1] You are by far the most annoying person to talk to ever. You are fat scary and ugly and I don't give a shit about your love life or lackthereof. Stop being so fucking creepy. I don't want to hang out with you ever again. That was the worst hour of my life.

[2] You are the most arrogant person I have ever met. Quit that I'm better than everyone shit and maybe you'll have some friends and get laid.

[3] No one cares because they all hate you anyway.

[4] I show that picture you sent to my phone to EVERYONE.

[5] I think your girlfriend is cute too.

[6] I fucked your boyfriend, I fucked your boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And everyone I've ever met knows. Except you. CUNT.

[7] I like you. A LOT.

[8[ Yeah, that was my idea. And I love it.

[9] You are the best kind of person in the world, an honest person. And I admire you and value your opinions more than anyone else in the entire world. Although I don't always follow your advice, I take it to heart and feel guilty when I don't because I know you're always right.

[10] You're not ugly on the outside, in fact, youre gorgeous. But, you're ugly on the inside. That's why you have no friends. Including me.
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