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this entry is interesting not

so im happy today so i decided to write. i dont really have anyone to share happiness with, really only one person and she's far away in nevernevernewpaltzland. but today was good. this weekend was a good one all in all.
yesterday before work i got to talk to damian on the phone for almost an hour and that makes me happy :) then i went to work and work was good
then today i got to sleep a little later and went to work and this kid nick came to chill and rode around with me. it was fun. i get mad bored and lonely at work, its a lonely job. you never get to continually talk to anyone.
work was also busy last night and tonight. for me at least. i made some money so im not stressin working tomorrow, although i probably will go in late.
now im just sleepy but in a good mood, i havent fallen asleep in a good mood ina while.

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