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So . . I would like everyone's feedback on this please.. and if you don't have a journal, please at least leave your name

I have a friend that compulsively lies about everything. Let's call this person ALEX since that's a good unisex name. Alex will tell you that the sky is down and the ground is up just to impress you. At first, when I realized that it was just a scheme to for acceptance, I figured Alex would grow out of this. As time has gone on, I just kind of shrugged it off and figured Alex was used to lying that Alex couldn't help it anymore. When we were alone, Alex was for the most part, completely honest still with me. Then I realized that Alex is still trying to impress people, many years later. When Alex and I are out and Alex starts lying in front of strangers, Alex will look to me for support. When I deny Alex's story, Alex will say that I'm a bad friend and I don't cherish our memories. Or that I'm always drunk so I don't remember anything. Or that I just don't pay attention and should learn to be attentive. Alex also constantly belittles me in front of people, and doesn't let me talk to any of Alex's opposite sex friends. I assume this is out of fear that the truth about their situation will be revealed. On the rare occassion that I try to talk to Alex in private and say "hey I noticed you were exaggerating alot, you don't need to do that" Alex grows extremely aggrivated with me and refuses to talk to me. Alex tells me I'm a bad person and I'm selfish for trying to grab all the attention and being :the cooler person: or something to that effect.
How can I manage to get my old friend back.. I know hoping Alex to stop lying completely is impossible, but how can I get Alex to at least stop lying to me all the time. It's just so irritating. Everything that Alex says is a lie. From dating situations, to health conditions, to what Alex had for lunch.. it's all a lie. What can I do?
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