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xgummixbearx's Journal

8 May
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30 seconds to mars, 311, alien ant farm, alien crime syndicate, backpacks, baggy pants, baseball tees, blinking things, bracelets, canasta, carebears, chimaira, christmas time, cj pierce, coal chamber, cold, collars, concrete blonde, crank yankers, creature, crossbreed, ctwp, da bears, dead baby jokes, deadstar assembly, deadsy, depswa, deride, dez, dice, disarray, dunnleavy, earings, ebay, edward scissorhands, eeyore, empire records, emyke the emu, eye candy, eyeliner, faeries, finger 11, fishnets, fraggle rock, from autumn to ashes, garbage, general hospital, giggles, glassjaw, glitter, glow sticks, glowey things, good charlotte, gooo, guitars, gummi bears, hair dye, heffalumps and woozles, hot chocolate, howard stern, ill mitch, ill niño, imperfect, incubus, inflicted, interface, ja da website, jimmy urine, john otto, jon gibli, kikkoman, korn, light up stuff, little nicky, manson, meat pattys, mindless self indulgence, mudvayne, nail polish, nine inch nails, ninjas, orgy, paige, pantera, patches, peanut butta jelly time, peanut butter, pebbles and bam-bam, placebo, primer 55, rammstein, raver things, ren and stimpy, rings, santa clause, scary german guy, seashells, sega genesis, sexay right?, shows, shrek, simpsons, skulls, slayer, slipknot, slushpuppy, snl, soad, south park, sparkles, spikes, spineshank, spongebob, sprout, stars, static-x, steve righ?, stickers, sticky film, streets of rage, stw, system of a down, taking pictures, techno, the crow, the cure, the left rights, the little mermaid, the muffin man, three quarter sex bolt, thrift stores, throwing ice cream, tinkerbell, tripp, turtles, underminex, uv, vanilla ice wannabes, videodrone, weezer, welcome to the dollhouse, wumpscut, zeromancer